The Encyclopedia of House Plants

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Here you will find more than 300 various house plants with descriptions and pictures, botanical and common names, and instructions for cultivation and propagation. Remember, this web site is an encyclopedia but not a sales catalog, don't ask us to sell one or another plant.

Use A-Z List of Plants (Alphabetical list of botanical and common names) or Families (botanical names of generas, with small picture of each plant in genera) to search for plants. You can use search button at the top to search by (partial) plant name.
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Lepanthes Lepanthes
Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose)Streptocarpus

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2015-11-08 Pictures added: Abutilon, Acalypha, Adenium, Adiantum, Aechmea, Aeonium, Agave, Aglaonema, Allamanda, Alocasia.
2010-08-28 Information and picture added: Lepanthes calodiction
2008-07-11 Pictures added: Amorphophallus